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August 31-- Hendrickson (WIN 50-23)
September 7 @Cedar Ridge
September 14 @ Hays
September 21-- Del Valle
September 28-- Dripping Springs
October 5 @ Leander
October 12-- Marble Falls
October 19 @ Cedar Park
November 2-- Vandegrift
November 9 @ Vista Ridge

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Friday, September 4, 2009

49-0 Baby!

Wow.. that is really all that I can say about last night's JV game. It was amazing. Rouse came out on FIRE and didn't let up until it was over! Even at 46 seconds left in the game we were still holding them on the goal line fighting for that shutout and boy did we get it.

This week's game was a bit more entertaining than last week's 49-8 win over Academy. Liberty Hill is a much better match up than the 49-0 score showed. We just really came out and were ready to play. We made big plays after big plays and it was a well deserved win.
For those of you who don't know- last year as Freshman, our boys beat their JV, but what you need to remember is that the Panther JV hadn't lost a game- EVER- they had been undefeated since their 7th grade year.
Here is the cool part (and its not a knock to our guys) but OUR Freshman are made up mostly of kids from LMS and WMS- and in 7th and 8th grade those kids did not win a game. I think the only game WMS won was against LMS and LMS had a losing record.

THAT goes to show you how hard work can pay off. (and not to brag- but I think our coaches are amazing and do a great job).

SO, it was a nice feeling and a more comfortable feeling when Josh came home nervous about the game. That might sound strange for me to say that it was nice and comfortable, but really- when you come from the Varsity level- there isn't much to get nervous about at the lower levels. BUT this year is a bit different. We have 2 teams that we play that are Varsity and another team that we play 2 times that will be close to our rivals in the future. (Vandergrift)

So Josh is really starting to get ansy and that familiar nervousness that has lurked in our house in the previous years is starting to inch its way back in and it is the best kind of nervousness that one could ask for- so I am excited to report that I am officially getting my Coach back!!!!

Anyway- we had a great game- ALL of the kids did. I was very impressed with Dorian McNeil's out of nowhere tackle. BOOM that kid went down and didn't know what hit him. I was so close that I could hear the hit. There is no sweeter sound!

Ed Butts rushing down the feild with beautiful touchdown and I couldn't scream loud enough. (My throat hurts today by the way)
Tai Gadison came running full speed with a hit that stopped a potentially huge play by the Panthers. In my book Tai shined the most on Thursday. He rose to the occassion and excelled at safety. He was impressive and pretty to watch.

The one thing that i miss the MOST about being a Varsity Coach's Wife, was the one thing that I got to see last night that makes my hearbeat faster and faster and gives me chill bumps: I FINALLY got to watch Josh coach.
There are so many great aspects of football, but the one thing that gets me going at a game is watching Josh coach. I mean REALLY Coach. He hasn't shown that side of himself at Rouse- until last night.

He wore his wristband with the plays on it, which sounds silly- but its a big deal to me. He hasn't worn it since our last varsity game at Cedar Park. Josh got excited on the sidelines: running up and down and jumping and giving high fives, yelling at kids, and my favorite part- after our first big play- he ran out onto the field and side jumped with one of our kids. He was totally fixated on the game and I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only part that was missing was the sexy Headsets! LOL.

I love to watch the coaches get into the game. Luke Harrison was a blast to watch. I hate to sound bias, but I think Defensive Coaches have the better end of the deal. The defensive side is more explosive and hard hitting and in my book- more fun to watch. Or maybe I am just more of a defensive girl, because I bet the offensive guys feel that they have the better end of the deal:)

After the game, I went to meet Josh on the field (which I got a nice b-day suprise from him) and the kids ran out and hugged Josh- then he came over and gave me a huge- pick me up- hug. (and I did get a quick smooch:) lol.

I headed back to the happy school and all the coaches were excited. I mean REALLY excited. It was so great to walk in and see that again and I hope no one takes that wrong- but this is the first year that it has felt like a big year. And really there is some truth to that- we are going to play some Varsity teams this year and we are 1year away from actually being a varsity team- so this is getting exciting!!

So, Josh walks in and just looks bewildered! I asked him if we were that good- or if Liberty Hill just played bad and Shane Krause say's : "no- we are that good" and all of the coaches were just astounded.
I think deep down they knew we would win, but we came out on FIRE and dominated that game.
Victory is so Sweet!

I firmly believe that if we can come out at every game fired up like we were on Thursday- then we will crush every team that we play. I have never seen a team come out and keep the momentum going from the begining to end. You guys made it so entertaining for me!

Sorry I don't have more about the actual game. I am not a sports writer- but I am going to try and get better.

Freshman Gold won over Lake Travis 16-14 and our
Maroon team fell to Liberty Hill 38-22.
I hope that doesn't discourage the players. They need to keep in mind that their roles are different than those ahead of them. Right now its about learning and making mistakes and learning to overcome adveristy and how to respond to defeat. Winning games is great, but its how you respond to a loss that is going to define you later in your high school career.
Liberty Hill is a small school town that plays together from Pop Warner on, and they are ALWAYS good- so a 16 point difference isn't all that bad:)

We will have all game broadcasted on www.huttofm.com!!!

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