2012 VARSITY Football Schedule (1-0)

Striving to be 1-0 after we play Cedar Ridge on Friday

August 31-- Hendrickson (WIN 50-23)
September 7 @Cedar Ridge
September 14 @ Hays
September 21-- Del Valle
September 28-- Dripping Springs
October 5 @ Leander
October 12-- Marble Falls
October 19 @ Cedar Park
November 2-- Vandegrift
November 9 @ Vista Ridge

Currently 1-0 on the Season

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Its been awhile, but things in the Raider world have been busy!
We have several events coming up very soon!
August 2- 6pm, Raider Football Family Team Picnic! All football players, their families and the coach's and their families are invited to attend! It is going to be a lot of fun and I can't wait! If you haven't received your invitation in the mail- please email Lisa Pelt or Bertha Gadison for info!

August 8- 9am- Lady Raider Football Camp!!
Tons of fun for all you Raider Ladies and definitely an event you will NOT want to miss! Any female that wants to understand football is invited and encouraged to attend. We have en entire day dedicated to Lady football planned. It is being hosted by the Raider Football Coaching Staff along with their wives! It is also a CHARITY event supporting Breast Cancer. ALL proceeds to benefit the Susan G.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation!
Please email me for information! jlbmann4@sbcglobal.net

Raider Rouser shirts are IN! If your child- ages K-5th grade is interested in being a part of this 2nd annual group- you may email me for the form! jlbmann4@sbcglobal.net
It is $10 to join- they get a Tshirt and are admitted into the games for free with their shirt. They are also able to make victory lines for the football players and receive High Fives!
If you have a child- this is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Rouse Raider Football program!!

Things are rolling! We have a lot of things happening and getting events ready to START TRADITIONS that Others will Follow!!!
You are all encouraged to attend the Boooster Club meetings to find out more about what is happening in the Raider World!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not sure if I should get your Raider hopes up- but I am going to post this anyway

I am doing this impulsively, but at this point, I don't care- I am excited:)

Yesterday, I received an email from Josh with this attachment. We have priced this with every thing you could possibly need to go with it at $6490.

So, I have to tell a cute storey- eventhough I know this is supposed to be about Raider Ball, not the coaches kids.

When I got the email, I called Jace up to look at it. His eyes got big and he said "wait- is this a tunnel"?? Except it was more like "wait... is this the tunNEL"
I said yes. Jace very excited "Cedar Park doesn't have a helemt on their tunnel.."

His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree and he said "JUDSON!! WE are going to look SO cool coming out of this one!!" I have never seen him so excited over a computer picture.

Now- we have to get it or the coaches kids will be very dissapointed!

LOL After that- they got motivated and ready for football. These are pictures just to show you how pathetic we are and that our lives are only about football. And yes- that is an ambulance next to the feild- that is for their injured players. Notice the lego tunnel and the lego bleachers.


I even have a video of them with ear muffs on (not posting it). 2 years ago, we were at Target and Jace saw some earmuffs- he begged for them. Knowing good and well that he wouldn't wear them, I told him no and he begged. So, not wanting to argue- I said ok. When we got home- he pulled out his players and then put on his earmuffs and started coaching his team. Come to find out- he wanted them so that he could have a "headset" like Josh's. How clever is that?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Raider Events and Raider Funnies

I do not have a whole lot to report- Summer camp is going great and Josh is getting more and more anxious to get things rolling. All of the coaches officially report back to work this Monday. Whoohoo!!

Now we are getting closer and closer to August 3!!!

The next Booster Club meeting is July 21, 2009 at 6:30 in the study hall!! We would like to invite ALL Raider parents!!

We have several events coming up:
August 2- Raider Team and Coach Picnic! $5 per family for pizza and fun! 6-8pm- TBA
August 3- First day of 2 a days!!!!
August 7- Fan and Parent Night. First night for the players to practice in pads. We will practice under the lights starting at 7pm with the Freshman
August 8- Lady Raider Football Camp 9am-2pm. This is an event that you ladies will not want to miss out on! Lots of goodies and information as well as doorprises!
August 15- Raider Jamboree- starts at 7am with a Pancake Breakfast, scrimmage and a jamboree for the kiddo's!!
August 20- Scrimmage against Jarrell
August 26- Meet the Raider Night!
August 27- Our first game!!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

We made the Paper!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

An Inside look at Strength and Conditioning Camp

1- Turn off the music on my blog page (Directly to your right, a little lower down on the page- hit the middle button)
2- Turn your speakers up loudly so you can hear everything that they are saying

Ready?? Now Read!


Ok- so there is a story behind why this video turned out so bad- but the very important thing is that you were able to hear their chant. Just leave it at that:)

This week the boys have been in Amarillo, so I took off for 3 days to have some time to do what I wanted to do!

How did I spend it? Working on Rouse Raider Football stuff!

Monday, the Football Committee met and got some ideas together for football season. Tuesday, I spent the entire morning calling Football parents and asking them to come to our Booster Club meeting that night. I have to say, I was nervous about basically cold calling these parents, but EVERYONE was SO incredibly nice and were so excited to get in the football mode! We had a WONDERFUL turnout at the meeting and I was SO honored to have so many parents show up! And I am really looking forward to getting to know the parents this year!

Wednesday, I headed to strength and conditioning camp and it was SO fun and motivating to see these guys in action.

Coach Elrod getting their attention to go to higher Level listening

Coach Thompson had a wonderful motivating speach that I was able to catch on video.

After the camp, I worked on The Lady Raider Football Camp/ Clinic.

What is this?
We are inviting ALL ladies of any age (mom's, grandma's, teachers, administration, students) to come to our Lady Raider Football Camp. You will learn the basics of football, you will go through boot camp and learn the basics of a typical Saturday for our Coach's as well as what the football player goes through each week.
Then you will eat an amazing lunch catered by Chili's and have a Question and Answer session with the Coach's Wives.
I am hoping to get 2 guest speakers as well You will receive a camp Tshirt, and a book and a goody bag with tons of awesome stuff donated by area businesses.

All of this for $25 and ALL proceeds go directly to the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
Saturday, August 8, 2009 at 9am
More on this very soon.
I am working on a website for this.
I have the link- but I am under construction at the moment:)


Here is Coach Mann (Josh- I don't really know what to call him on here:) doing his higher level listening.

The boys at the end. "Finish Hard" (it echoed in the weight room- so that was hard to hear:)