2012 VARSITY Football Schedule (1-0)

Striving to be 1-0 after we play Cedar Ridge on Friday

August 31-- Hendrickson (WIN 50-23)
September 7 @Cedar Ridge
September 14 @ Hays
September 21-- Del Valle
September 28-- Dripping Springs
October 5 @ Leander
October 12-- Marble Falls
October 19 @ Cedar Park
November 2-- Vandegrift
November 9 @ Vista Ridge

Currently 1-0 on the Season

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Friday, August 27, 2010

15 Things we NOW get to Enjoy!!!

15 Things VARSITY teams have to look forward to, and now the Raiders do too!
1) High School Extra- comes on Fox Sports Southwest at midnight Friday night and 9am Saturday morning. They do a recap of all the Texas HS football teams across Texas. We will be included this year!

15) Varsity Pep Rallies
14) Varsity Homecoming Games
13) Friday Morning Locker Room Decorations
12) Varsity Football Banquet- trust me when I say this is unlike any banquet you will ever go to.
11) More Media Attention
10) Thursday Night Varsity Team Meals
9) Varsity Pep Rallies
8) After Game dinners with your friends after you’ve won a game
7) Varsity Game Jersey’s
6) Decals on our Helmets
5) Varsity will have their own LOCKER ROOM!!!- And it’s huge!
4) Playing on Friday Nights
3) Varsity Awards (all-District, all-state, MVP’s of the Games, etc)
2) Playoffs

And the #1 thing Raiders have to look forward to:

The excitement on Game Day at school.
The feeling you get when you get when you step onto the bus to leave for the stadium.
The emotion you feel when pulling on your helmet and tightening your shoulder pads
The adrenaline that you will feel when you hear your Head Coach give the Varsity pregame speech in the locker room.
The chills you will feel when stepping out of the locker room and listening to the crowd cheer
The rush you feel when charging out of the smoky tunnel and ripping the run-through banner
The pounding of your heart, while trying to keep your emotions in check, when listening to the National Anthem.
The calmness that take over you as you take the field
The urge to challenge and be challenged as you face your opponent
The gratification as you attack your opponent and the motivation you feel as your opponent attacks you.

We Can NOT WAIT to watch these First Experiences and Share in the Excitement!!

"Its Game Day Baby"

Straight out of the mouth of Judson Mann.

Want to know what I got SO excited about today:
-Today Jace HAD to wear blue because in Kindergarten, you have color days. Today was blue- we were not happy about this, but we made it work- he wore a Raider bottle cap necklace.
I also took on the task of sending the snack- not happy with the blue, BUT I put my creative brain to work and I put a Raider Football Pencil with each Blue Gogurt package, tied it with a blue ribbon and created cards that I attached to each one- it has our logo and says: Future Raiders: Help the Raiders turn the Panthers Black and Blue.
Jace is determined to turn his teacher into a Raider- we even gave her a Raider Tshirt and water bottle:) ha
-Hanging signs in the yard for Josh- we even made signs for Jaykob Gomez- our football player neighbor (by the way he is #92- which will bring him MUCH luck- that was Josh's number in college:)
-packing Jace and Judson's lunches- complete with football helmet and football shaped PB&J sandwiches
- ALONG with a football card for both boys- that plays We Will Rock You (hope Jaces teacher doesn't mind:)
- picking up football donuts and taking to the front office and the coaches office- it is our first Varsity Game Day after all.
- Made Breakfast for the coaches for Saturday morning
- Judson is hard at work making shaker bottles

Know what ELSE I am excited about:

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD on Fox Southwest tonight!!! CAN"T WAIT! Starts at midnight!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Its next to the most exciting day in Texas High School Football!


AND, well, here's to hoping that we are still playing at Christmas time!

Come out tonight to support the Freshman as they take on the Freshman Panthers at 5pm at Rouse and then at 7pm for the JV teams as they play the Panther JV team!!

GOOD LUCK to everyone who plays tonight!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Liberty Hill Panthers


We have less than 24 hours until we play in our FIRST Varsity football game, our first opponent.. Liberty Hill Panthers.
Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for us, our Junior Class is undefeated against both of their JV's. In our first year, when we only had a Freshman class, we played and defeated their JV team. It was a good game, but we came out on top. Last year they weren't so lucky because our JV SMASHED their's. I believe the score was 48-7, but I could be wrong.

NOW, this is a WHOLE new playing field. Varsity is so much different, so we need to stay focused and get ready to kick some purple panther butt!!

Liberty Hill Sports.com

Liberty Hill Leader

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shout Box

Hi Everyone.
Since I have added a shout box, I have realized that I am getting lots of questions, comments and such- which is GREAT and I love it. Somethings are easier explained in greater detail than in small increments on my shout box:)

I received a comment that I feel is particularly important to address:
Comment 1
"I don't see any pictures of my cousin and friends. It'd be nice to see some pics and video clips of all the players. So I can see who's all taking the Raiders to playoffs and beyond!!:)
Comment 2
"Yes I agree, It would Be nice To See Pictures Of freshman Too, Not Just Varsity Or JV, THANKS MUCH"

I happen to agree with you- I understand that you all want pictures of any and all groups. I do too!
History of my Blog:
When I started this blog in 2008, it was started specifically so that Josh's Grandpa and my own Grandpa and other family members could keep up with the Raiders. At the time, Josh's grandpa (who recently passed away), was unable to continue to come to our games. Living in Amarillo, he was very upset that he couldn't be a part of it all and I started this site for him.
The more I did, the more I wanted to do and I found myself throwing lots and lots of time into it and sometimes I would go to events that i really didn't have time to go to so that I could post pictures for Pop.
I didn't realize until later that when you googled Rouse Raiders-- that this website came up. So, while I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you Raiders get on here and view my blog, please keep in mind that this blog is mostly for family- for you guys too, but the motivation behind it is for our families.

There is a Football Booster Club website that is in progress and I know they are looking for Freshman and JV parents to help run those pages. If you are interested in view more Freshman and JV pictures and you can help with that, please contact Bill Rogers and he can direct you as to how you can be a part of that. Because, like you, I think it would be great to get more of the picts and stuff of the younger teams.

For now, this blog will continue to be about the Varsity, but that is for time reasoning only. I care about ALL of the Raiders- Freshman and up and I think they are all equally as important. I may not be a paid Raider staff member, but I have watched and even helped my husband build this program from nothing. I was there when our stadium was dirt, so ALL of the athletes are important to me.
We have a son that just started Kindergarten and I am focusing more on him and his school this year, while still keeping up with this blog, which is important to me, but my own family is as well and I will not be going to as many Freshman or JV games as I did last year. When I do go, I assure you I will take photo's and some video.

Thank you for your understanding:)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Killeen Harker Heights and Rouse Raider Scrimmage

I really can not put into words how to explain the great mood Josh came home in last night. Pumped, Excited, Nervous, Bewildered,Giddy would all be good words.

Yesterday's scrimmage against HH was great. I, unfortunately had to work and couldn't come, but from what I was texted by parents and the phone call I got from Josh made me very upset that i didn't go because apparently, either Harker was holding back, or we were just that good. Am I suggesting that we are a definite contender for the playoff's? No- not yet. But we did very, very well against a VERY good team who has playoff experience and is a full 4 year established school.

Harker Heights has major talent and speed, Josh said they looked like Rockdale on Steroids!
I am happy that Josh picked them to scrimmage and that they agreed to it because let me tell you- Killeen is a ROUGH town and they have rough players and HH isn't even the school with the roughest of the rough. They are a military town. And those boys have been in some games. And it showed apparently because according to the coaches, they played and smack-talked which was something our boys have never really experienced before- at least not to the caliber that they did yesterday.

BUT that is what makes football fun and what gets the players fired up! You cant be a wimp in football and you have to smack talk back! There was pushing and shoving and our boys handled it like true football players....:)

All and all, we have mistakes that need to be corrected, but we hung with Harker Heights, so I BELIEVE we can hang with any team. Lake T will be tough, but we can definitely hang with the rest:)

Friday Night Football Fever isn't so believing:) But it was pretty cool to see us and hear then talk about us on the TV! Its finally here- REAL FOOTBALL!!!!

Coming Up NEXT:
Rouse Raider and Liberty Hill Panther Preview

Friday, August 20, 2010

Check us out on KVUE!

Rouse Raider Football Preview! Check out the Video!

As soon as it is uploaded to youtube, i will put the box on here:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Raider Prayers Please:)

Sadly, one of the Wiley Football player's lost his father last night- he was the police officer that died during motorcycle training. Please say some prayers for this family- I know this must be hard on all of them.

Hill Country News Article

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How dedicated of a Raider are you???

I know there are some dedicated Raiders out there, but I can't imagine ANYONE as dedicated as this guy!!
I have 3 tattoos that I am pretty proud of- Josh is NOT a tattoo guy and refuses to get one- and really isn't crazy about mine:)
I have decided if and when we ever win a Raider State Championship, that Josh and I will both be getting one like this Raider fanatic did!!

This dad is one heck of a Raider and now he will be forever!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fan and Parent Night

I knew it was Fan and Parent Night the minute I woke up Friday Morning because at 8am
Jace and Judson were already asking to put their black eyes on. I forced them to wait until 2pm, but that was as long as I could hold them off. After they were dresses- fully I might add- shoulder pads and mouthpieces included- Judson asked me to hit his shoulder. I had no earthly idea what the heck he was talking about- but I hit his shoulder and as I did it- he yells, "YEAH! That's what I'm talking about Baby"
I asked him where he heard that- he say's "from those Raiders players"

Gotta Love it!!!:)

Friday was Fan and Parent Night- aka- the first practice in the full football gear, shoulder pads and all, basically a glorified practice starting at dark under the lights where mom's, dad's, brothers, sisters can all come watch and the kids can all hang out on the sidelines or end zones. Not just coaches kids- any and all kids- Pop Warner players- whomever. Its a pretty big deal.
I think its safe to say that the coaching staff is very kid friendly:)

I think its important that the younger kids get to interact with the HS players and see that its a big deal to be a High School Football Player. When I was little, after the HS football games, our district allowed the fans to come onto the field after the games and the kids got the players autographs. I can't believe I remember that because I had to have only been 3 or 4, but it made an impact apparently because I remember being on the field and getting a Coyote Football player to sign something of mine. I am sure it was someone my Grandpa had previously coached.
I hope that the younger kids that were there, had a fun experience. Next year, I hope to really build this up. This was our 3rd year, but with a million other things going on, we lost track of this years Fan and Parent Night- not that anyone noticed- but I knew!!:) ha


As sad as this may be, I didn't get to watch too much of the practice until the end. I was socializing. Sorry, i don't do much socializing during games- I am pretty focused and in fact, I barely will talk to my kids. I remember at the Rockdale game last year that I was so flustered and my kids were starving, I looked up and the next thing I knew, here comes Brandon Pelt, carrying Judson, with Jace walking right beside them and they had BBQ sandwiches and drinks... I didn't even realize they had left. BAD MOM- but dang good coaches wife:) ha
Anyhow, so I didn't watch much of practice. I have a hard time following- so I don't. BUT I did get some video. Josh was pleased overall. We need work, but that's to be expected:)

AND after that amazing Touchdown run by my child and that awesome block that Judson made allowing Jace to score- they earned their stripes and decals for their helmets. They were pretty pumped as I am the Raider Players are just as excited. NOW we officially LOOK like a Varsity team

Here are some video's of the practice. Unfortunately I am limited to what I can put on here. Go to the right of this blog and view where people are viewing from. I can't put TOO much video on here. I wouldn't want to be the coaches wife to give away vital information to the enemy! ha

AND after ALL of that- here is the After Practice Speech. AGAIN you have to adjust your volume to hear it. If you don't listen to any of it- make sure to fast forward to at least Coach Harrison's higher level listening speech. Its worth it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ooops- An Inappropriate Song

First off, I have added the shout box feature. I will be monitoring it and keeping up with what is written to make sure its appropriate, this is interactive and you can sign in as a guest to post. and its anonymous unless you choose to make yourself know. Personally, I prefer that you make yourself known, but hey- that's up to you.

It was called to my attention that one of the songs had a LOT of curse words and obviously that was a mistake and not one that I meant to make- I found the song and removed it. If you ever notice a song that is inappropriate, please let me know and I will be sure to take it down. I am not saying that every song will be completely clean, but if there is bad language in every other word, then I really do not want it on my blog:)
Please take into consideration that sometimes Playlist will switch the songs on playlists and I will not always catch it, so I definitely need your help with that.

My apologies for the song that was up, I thought I had added the edited version, so either I made the mistake or Playlist switched it on me.

To the person that shouted it- no, its not what we teach out children, I think that was a little harsh, but hey, whatever you want to think. I am certain you are probably not a Raider, otherwise you would know that we ALWAYS have the best interest of the kids at heart. This is a public site and I obviously would never intentionally put something inappropriate on my blog:)

Thank you!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thank you to Chad Taylor for the awesome pictures!!

Chad Taylor takes amazing pictures. I just want to take a second to say thank you to him for always being so willing to take pictures of ALL of our events.

Practice is going GREAT! Josh has been so proud of our athletes and I am so thankful to them for doing such a fabulous job on the field because when Josh comes home happy and excited, its always encouraging!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Summer is over and Football is Officially here! I am so glad to be back and in the swing of things- and I missed my Raider blog, its hard to find interesting things to blog about during off season!!:)
I said Goodbye to Josh and honestly I have never been SO happy to say "see ya".. I have waited 2 freaking LONG years to say "See Ya", and the feeling is so great. I missed Varsity Ball more than I can possibly explain. Playing consistently on Friday nights, a chance to play in the playoffs, playing on Friday nights.. OMG, this is a dream come true and its FINALLY HERE!!!

We kicked off the season on Saturday with the Lady Raider Football Camp and Sunday was the picnic!

But the BEST part was waking up on Monday morning at 4:45 AM to go watch the FIRST EVER Raider Varsity Practice.
There aren't too many people that can say that they have been a part of watching the school's FIRST Varsity Practice- guess I can cross that off my bucket list.
Yes, that's right, the mean mommy that I am, I woke my poor children up at 4:10 to go to the school to watch the first practice and be in the weight room to watch the new Kenny Chesney video with the team. I thought that would be pretty cool- pretty cool, doesn't even describe it.

Wow, what a rush- even at 5:20am..That was a morning I won't forget for a long time.
It amazes me how Josh- or really, coaches in general, can get up in front of kids and fire them up-even before its daylight. Hell, I was fired up.

Here are several video's from yesterday, You will need to turn off the radio on this blog and then turn your speakers up really loud. They worth listening to.

Have you ever seen the sunrise from a football stadium? Well, that should be added to EVERYONE's bucket list. Holy Moses, that was really amazing

AND Of course, we went back up for Evening Practice!!

AND the very last thing is Josh's after Practice speech- Remember to turn off the radio and turn your speakers up full blast. I am sorry that I have its so low- listen until about 3 minutes and then it gets louder because I get closer to Josh.

VERY excited about the mystery that lies ahead. I have no idea if we will win a game, but we definitely have guys that work hard and are motivated, that in itself will take us far. Proud of everyone.