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Monday, June 22, 2009

An Tragic Accident....

I thought long and hard about writing about my next topic, since this is supposed to be a football blog, but this story is about a high school football player- who is also a distant cousin of mine and I thought it might be important to read and maybe talk about with your sons.

Here is an article out of the Dallas Times:


Although Chancellor Hutcheson is a complete stranger to me, BUT he is my cousin. (My grandpa's cousin's grandson- did you follow that?) I don't know him personally, although I am sure I met him at family reunions and such. I have heard his name and know that he is a fantastic football player at Plano West HS and got a full ride to a college in Kansas playing football this coming fall.

It is a VERY unfortunate situation and honestly one that was probably not intentional. AND- it could happen to anyone. And there are 2 sides to every story, so what is written in the paper- might not exactly be the full story.

But please remember that anytime you choose to get into a fight with someone that even if it is an innocent- there is a 50/50 chance that it could cost THEM and possibly YOU, a life.

Unforunately for Chance, he could be facing charges that will cost him, his college football scholorship, and maybe his feedom.

If you don't have children- you really can't imagine being the parent of either of these boys, what they must be going through and what they are thinking. They are both fighting for the lives of their children- one for freedom and one for physical well-being. THat must be agonizing and terrifying.

I hope that maybe if nothing else- we can all learn something from their story. Please pray for both boys and their families.

I hate to bring up old boyfriends, (sorry Josh), but I dated a guy right before Josh, named Travis. Travis was in a fraternity and one night at the Frat house, these guys from another town came over and there was a huge brawl at the Frat house- unfortunately started by Travis. Luckily there was no harm done and just a few minor scratches.

3 nights later, Travis was at his house alone. Someone knocked on his door, he opened it, and 5 guys were standing at his door- pulled him outside and took turns beating him up. Travis was not a little guy, but 5 guys pounding the crap out of you is hard to fight off.
The guys that came to his door- were the same guys that he fought at the Frat house. Only he was alone and didn't have all his frat buddies with him.
Travis came home from the ER with a concussion, 13 stiches, bruised ribs and his body was black, blue and sore.
The guys that came to his house got kicked out of college, had community service and were on probabtion for several years. LUCKY for them (and Travis) that Travis didn't suffer too much damage- or their penalties would have been far more severe.

Typically this type of stuff happens when you are young. Like Chancellor, you don't want something that happens when you are 18-25 years old to effect the rest of your life.

** By the way- as of today, Chance has turned himself in and has been released on bail. I don't have any other information as of yet.
Just remember that a fight really isn't worth it. It could cost you far more than you are ready to give up.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you are so right Brandi~ Pride always seems to get in the way~ but its the 1st one you need to kick away rather then trying to kick somone one else.
You made me cry a tad....