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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Raiders Get a WIN over Vandergrift 17-14

Friday night at 7:30 the Raiders played the Vandergrift Vipers. We won 17-14 and while the score looks close- let me just say that it wasn't nearly as close as it appeared to be.

I am going to touch on the Positives and the Negatives, starting with Negative:

1) Our Fans/Crowd
The number one thing that I (and Josh) was absolutely dissappointed in was how few traveled with us. Our side of the stands were pathetic compared to theirs. We had very few that came and if it weren't for the band and dance team, the amount of fans that came would have only filled up 1 section of the stadium.
I hate to harp- but when you come to a game- especially a BIG game- we need to be cheering. We have a few parents that cheer the entire game, but other than that small group and the coaches wives, we don't cheer much unless there is a big play.
My biggest pet peave is when the players are on the sidelines looking into the stands and they are lifting their arms to get the crowd to cheer.
That is not their job- so they shouldn't have to do it.

One of the best things that I have ever heard Mack Brown say in reference to a football crowd:
Fans are a huge part of what makes a football game. The players on the field can't nessassarily hear you, but those on the sidelines can and it keeps their motivation going to hear people in the stands cheering for you.
If we win or lose, they are a large part of the game.
and I quote: "You can question/ blame the coaches and the players, but did you do your part as a fan and SHOW UP to the game, and CHEER while you are at the game?"

I have a lot of respect for Coach Brown, he does a lot for the high school players as well as a lot for the HS Coaches, so I listen when he talks- and that made a lot of sense to me.

*Our fans are important and we need you and when you come, we need you to cheer. Right now, we will just settle for your body. We will teach you to cheer once we get you there!

2)Our Special Teams

There was not one person in particular, but our Special Teams just weren't clicking. We missed a lot of great opportunities and the Vipers only scores came from our mistakes on Special Teams. Its ok though- for now, we will need to get those mistakes fixed and we will need to work on that before November 4.

3) Concessions
--I was REALLY dissapointed in the fact that I couldn't get hot chocolate. I mean literally EVERY time I went to the concession stand to get a hot cup of warm chocolate- they were out. EVERYTIME! My brother in law mirraculously was able to get HC 3 times.
WE were definitely the stepchildren because you had to walk onto the other side of the stadium to get the good stuff- chik fil-a and a McDonald's Big Mac. Our side had sliced pizza- but were out by the end of the 1st quarter.
--The home side of the stadium was as mean as can be to our Coaches Wives. They would not allow them to go through the Home side and walk to the visitor side. EVENTHOUGH, the visitors could walk from our side to the concessions. Didn't make sense and 3 of our wives missed the first few minutes because of this.
--They didn't allow wives onto the field after the game. Ok- so this always makes me angry- infact at Georgetown, I was almost in handcuffs over this issue (long story and NO it wasn't my fault).
Anyhow- the thing that makes me angry is the fact that it is an LISD school stadium and (Bible allows their wives to go onto the field) AND that the Viper wives were allowed onto the field.

Now for the positives:

Our Team, I mean wow- we played lights out. So many kids had great games. All the usual ones like Ed Butts, Micheal Botello, Dorian McNeil. Ryan Henry had a great game. But one in particular that I was impressed with was #52. He is a new starter- but not a new Raider. #52 would be Jacob Gomez- who also happens to be my neighbor:)
Jacob started out in the game a bit rough- he was probably nervous, which is to be expected. I normally would NEVER point out a flaw that a kid had in a game, but I wanted to make sure that you all knew that the kid that started out our game with us gritting our teeth, is also the same kid who had 7 tackles and the sack at the very end of the game.
This was his first game to be a starter and wow did he give us a show! He was a B team kid last year and is now a starter for our JV.

I point that out because it goes to show that any kid on the B team can contribute big for the Raiders in the future.
Way to Go #52- Coach Mann and I are VERY proud for you!

Our defense their offense to 131 yards and our Raiders outplayed them everywhere except for special teams.

Raiders- I get more and more proud of you each week. I am not ready for the season to end- but I am so ready for Friday Night Football that I can hardly stand it.
I can't wait to see you out at Bible (our HOME stadium) playing with the big boys! Everything you are doing now is to prepare you for that moment!


Whitney said...
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ladymann said...

Our wives are great and its been a challenge getting into the Freshman/ JV games. I am hoping that next year when we are Varsity- it gets better:)

Anonymous said...

Just a note on the fans cheering: My friend came with me to the game and she was super impressed with our fans. She thought we were louder than any of the VR fans are! Plus, there were volleyball games that night so that took away many people as well.

Peggie Kinder

ladymann said...

When we cheered- it was great. But we need to cheer the entire game. I know its hard to do that, and once we are a 4 year school- it will get better! Its just frustrating when you see it at other schools:)
Last night was much better and you are right about the Volleyball games, all schools have that problem- but its just worse for us because we only have 2 classes!

Anonymous said...

It's true about the VHS concessions. lol 4x's my son went to get hot cocoa and never had it. that would urk me.
Fans...I love to cheer my lil one and her friend love to cheer! I will say we take our breaks but most of those times are to talk and visit with some people that come our way or friends that we invite to come and join some RAIDER football. BUT there are a lot of time where OMG RAIDER fans do not cheer when we should or even when we make our TD we should all clap along with our fight song to show congrat's to our kids out there getting their beeehinds kicked around so hard. :O)
I could go on adn on I know i left out a lot out. sorry
Lets all come together and cheer louder for our sons-nephews-grankids and so on. GO RAIDERS!
Ruby..lol i can ever remember my user or password ugh

Anonymous said...


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