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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Raiders Beat Eastside Memorial Varsity!

Raiders beat the Eastside Varsity Panthers 28-20 on Thursday night. (By the way- it was REALLY cold)

Eastside Memorial is a "new school" so to speak. It was the old Austin Johnson school that got shutdown a few years ago. They have 4 full classes, but they are a smaller school. They have Juniors and Seniors on their team. 16-18 year old boys.

I say this because I am about to make a huge point.

In our game this week, we were missing 12 starters... 12 STARTERS- that's more than one side of the ball.

Do not get me wrong, or misinterpret my words, I am paying a compliment to our players.

We were missing 12 Starters... this means that we had 12 kids that are either backups, or kids that have switched positions, or they were Freshman that have moved up, OR they were last years B team kids.

12 new kids that helped make all of our plays.
Another shinning week for Jacob Gomez. I couldn't be prouder of that kid.. maybe because I know his parents, (and got to meet his grandparents! Another highlight of being a coaches wife) Jacob went both ways this week. I know that is tough and you get gassed quick, but he didn't show it.
Austin Herring, got 2 tackles- he is a Freshman
Ryan Henry- shined as well- lots of big plays
Charlie Stewart has been shinning all year and gets better by the week. I know his parents must be proud.
Brady Stewart made a big play.
I know that I am missing so many other players.

I am just incredibly PROUD of our team. With 12 new players: Freshman and B teamer's- and they played and WON against a VARSITY team. That says so much.
Football is really the only TEAM sport that their is. You can't win without EVERYONE on the field doing what they are supposed to do against a good team. Eastside Memorial had a LOT of speed, but our guys managed to do what they needed to do to get the job done.

I think I HAVE to be the proudest High School Coaches wife right now, and just when I think that I can't get any prouder- you guys go an do something like you did this week.
Congrats Guys!

You are about to face your toughest challenge yet. You are about to play a team for the 2ND time that you have already beat.
It is the toughest thing in the world to beat a team that you have already beat.

Never underestimate your opponent- they might surprise you.

Good Luck and go kick some Greyhound Tail!!!!


Anonymous said...

ok not to take away from kids you mentioned, but please describe what plays they made that stood out from some of the other kids, other than getting lots of reps on both sides of the ball thanks great game

ladymann said...

I am not sure what you are asking- or why you would ask that question.
We have great kids that play EVERY WEEK, but this week we happened to have new ones that were able to make plays.
No offense, but this is MY blog, and I write what I see on the field and how I feel. This is why it is MY blog and why I don't post it on the Raider Webpage.
I started this blog for Josh's and My own family, it just grew into something bigger.
Josh does not help me write these, I do it on my own, so I really try to limit it to my feelings and what I want to say versus specifics because I would hate to mess up:)
I think that these kids that came out- that don't play much, or have never played on the JV level deserved MORE recognition than the ones that play every week. At least for this particular week.
AND I would like to point out that I did not list everyone's names, I wish I knew them all, but I do not.

I am not trying to take away from those that give their all, ALL week long, every week in every game. But those kid- I have already mentioned in previous weeks.

I rarely ever write about exact plays, mainly because I would be mortified if I got something wrong. I am not confident enough to do exact write ups of the games. Maybe you do not read my blogs often and maybe your question was out of curiosity, rather than to be offensive.
Either way, I DO welcome ALL opinions, offensive or not, UNLESS it has to do with a coach or a player.

And again, this is just a blog, not an official write up, you may check the website for those.

AND I would like to point out that I am PROUD of ALL of our players. The ones that play AND the ones that do not. It takes everyone to make this a successful program.

Tammy Gomez said...

Hey Anonymous!!
Took away from the kids is exactly what you did. These kids work they're butt off and manage to win (6-1). Envy gets you nowhere! We have a awesome head coach snd coaching staff. Brandi does a fantastic job with this blog and supporting our team.

We need to all get on board!!!