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Striving to be 1-0 after we play Cedar Ridge on Friday

August 31-- Hendrickson (WIN 50-23)
September 7 @Cedar Ridge
September 14 @ Hays
September 21-- Del Valle
September 28-- Dripping Springs
October 5 @ Leander
October 12-- Marble Falls
October 19 @ Cedar Park
November 2-- Vandegrift
November 9 @ Vista Ridge

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Raider may have lost in points, but we Won that game in so many other way.

This is how I find Judson before I am about to get ready to leave for the game.

Friday night. WOW, what a hell of a game we saw at AC Bible Stadium. I don't know about you, but I felt the excitement and I was thoroughly impressed with our team- specifically the defense.
There were some differences this week that you may have noticed. Several players were moved around and I think those changes were good for us. We are a little thin with some injuries, but we made it work!
I noticed the other day, that more than half of our starters are Sophomores. 5 on Defense and 6 on Offense. That's going to pay off in the next few years. AND here's the deal, we have PLAYED in every Varsity game. Our young team is hanging with 17, 18 and even some 19 year olds.

This week our D really stepped it up. I couldn't have been more proud. We did SO many things so well. We have a long way to go, but I can say now, without a shadow of a doubt that we will win some district games.

HEY!! I FINALLY got my Fever Dream Played before the game? I thought it sounded freaking AWESOME!!! And it definitely made us play better I am sure of it:) lol

The game started out that all of our others- we received and had GREAT opening drive, the difference being- WE SCORED on our opening drive. The first snap of the game, we went for 16 yards and we drove the ball down the field to the 1 yard line and Logan Kinder goes in for the score. Kick was good! Raiders on the board 7-0 with us only being on the field for about 2 minutes.

Things were looking good and we were excited.
Raiders went with a pouch kick as their kicked off to the Hendrickson Hawks and on their first snap, Kenny Williams #34 goes in for a Hawk touchdown.
Scoreboard 7-7
The third quarter was pretty sloppy for us, we had several turnovers and Williams was pushing pretty hard on our defense.
Going into Halftime the score was 27-7- the Hawks. Things were NOT looking good for us at this point and I am freaking out. I HATE losing- I hate even being BEHIND. For crying out loud, its FRUSTRATING in the stands. I am cheering, but can't do anything about the scoreboard. I hate it. I hate it for Josh. I know how hard they work and it kills me to get out beat and just have to sit there and not go give Josh a hug... Because I KNOW a hug will help us win right:) So instead, I settled for praying for a miracle and getting ready to start cheering.

So at the start of the 2nd half, the score was 27-7.
We kicked off to the Hawks- choosing to go with an on-side kick. It looked like we fell on the ball, but the officials called it a Hawk ball. So the Hawks got it mid-field.
Our defense swarmed Kenny Williams for a loss of 3 or 4 yards for the Hawks offense. Lucky Torres intercepted the Hawk ball and the ball was ours!
Pretty great start of the half. I wouldn't say there was a momentum shift, but we definitely were feeling it.

Raider offense drove the field and took the ball and on 4th and 9, we couldn't make anything happen, so we turn the ball over to the Hawks, who takes the ball down and on the first offensive snap- they take the ball and run it all the way down to score. Just like that. BUT WAIT- thank God for that yellow fabric, because they get a holding penalty which brings the ball ALL THE WAY back. NO Touchdown.

Bringing it to 2nd and 7 for the Hawks and our Linebacker- Travis Leslie get an amazing tackle for a loss of 2 yards. 2 plays later, Hawks QB hands off to Williams and he is brought down by Jaykob Gomez (#92 defensive end), (this is the tackle that Josh talks about on the video at the bottom of this)
Jaykob takes down #34 all by himself for a LOSS of 2 yards. It was a great tackle- he wrapped him up and didn't let go. Pretty tackle for Gomez. Hawks are on the Raider 47 yard line at 3rd and 12 and our defense holds them and forces the Hawks to punt.

**Is it obvious that I am listening to Joe and Gerald's internet broadcast archive as I write this? I point this out, because it this is where it ends, and honestly I am not smart enough to remember the rest of the game.

The remainder of the game was ours in every way. The final score was 34-21. We started the second half 27-7 and we held them to ONE touchdown in the second half and WE scored 2 more times.

My favorite part of the 4th quarter is when we caused a delay of game for the Hawks and had to push them back. Its not easy for your offense to cause this to happen, but we did and that was huge for us. It pushed them back 5 yards.

Hendrickson was TRYING everything they could to score on us. They were not holding back. Williams played the entire game. I really expected for them to pull him out as to not take the chance of him getting hurt before district, but they didn't, which in all honesty I think its a compliment to our defense.

Hawks dominated the game last week against Lake Travis until the 4th quarter, and Division 1 running back, Kenny Williams racked up 268 yards against the Cavalier defense. The Rouse Raider defense- with 5 SOPHOMORE starters, held him to just 194 yards the entire game.
This to me, was the most impressive stat out of the entire game (MY opinion:)

I would also like to point out that our offense is scoring. Rudder has only allowed 7 points, we scored 27 on them alone- with 4 starters out of the game.
We have a GREAT team, I know its hard to stay focused, when you are worried about that win on the scoreboard, but we are winning in EVERY way that counts because we are improving.

Jaycob Gomez, Lucky Torres, Logan Kinder, Travis Leslie, Tai Gadison, all had an exceptionally great game this week. Lucky got an interception AND a fumble recovery.

Josh's friend and childhood neighbor from Amarillo. Coach Johnson and Josh went to High School together and they have both known Cody their entire life. Cody and his daughter- Patton, surprised us when they showed up!

VERY proud of our Rouse Raiders, this is going to be a great year for us. I truly BELIEVE that with all of my heart.

OH and By the way, defensive mom: this is who your babies went up against on Friday night and they contained him, #34 Tech Texas Commit, Kenny Williams

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