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Friday, March 12, 2010

Booster Club- Sorry this will be Long!

Hey Everyone!
Not sure how many of you read this are parents or athletes, so if you are an athlete- go get your Mom AND Dad and ask them to read this as well!!
(and no worries- this is a good post:)

Over the past few months the Raider Coaches have been approached by several parents that have made comments about splitting the Booster Club into individual sports clubs. Coach Mann was not in favor of this until the last few months and that was basically because he was worried about the smaller sports. Lets get one thing clear- Coach Mann is PRO ALL sports, girls and guys, so their well being is important to him.
Over the last several weeks, some of the coaches have some to him and expressed their opinions of this. Last Friday, March 6, he had a Raider Head Coaches meeting and they were ALL in favor of having their own Booster Clubs. ALL OF THEM..... which is GREAT!

At the General Booster Club meeting on Monday, Coach Mann came in and discussed the possibility and the reasons why this was a great idea. Those that were actually there and listened to the pros, were mostly in favor of this split.

But lets get something straight- this is not a SPLIT- its a restructure. The Booster Club would still have a General Board and the sports would be an umbrella under that. WE would be making it more efficient and allow more freedom for the sports to do their own thing and it would give those that are doing a TON of work, more time to relax and have fun with their child's sport.
You know when I attend the meetings, I somehow wonder when Ed Butts and Keith Stewart get ANY time to rest and by the looks on their faces, I am not sure if they ever do. Keith is responsible for the treasury of 13 different sports. That's a lot to take on. Not only that by my own poor husband who attends EVERY Booster Club meeting- that are 3 hours long.

With a re-structure:

*We would still have a General Board that will be keeping up with certain things, one of those things being Scholarships. Every time a sport does a fundraiser they kick back 5-7% to the General Board and that goes to scholarships. Its not a huge percentage, but if every sport does it, then it will add up quickly!

-Their own child's coach come to their meetings and speak on THEIR sports only. So now, Volleyball parents don't have to listen to Coach Mann speak for an hour on football if they don't want to! LOL

-They get to keep ALL of their earning (other than the percentage to the scholarships)
So for an example, Boys Soccer raises $3500 selling cookie dough. Coach Knight wants maybe 100 soccer balls that cost $2200, leaving $1300.... with your own BC, he can use that $1300 to buy something else instead of having to put the $1300 back into the General Fund! Its all soccer's money now!

-You will only have to come to meetings 2 times per month during your season and a few months prior and the rest of the year, you only have to go 1 time per month! Lets not forget that YOUR coach will be coming to your meetings, not the coach of another sport:)

-More people will show up because of this which means you will gain more volunteers and people to help out. Not only that but the work load will be MUCH, MUCH lighter because you will have more people helping.
So for an example, Keith Stewart will not have to keep up with 13 treasury reports, or money for 13 sports, if he chooses, he will only have to do it for 1 sport, which will take MUCH, MUCH less time!! Concessions chairpersons will not have to find workers for ALL sports- only THEIR sport- again, lessening the work load and giving them more family time:)

-You will have FUN! seriously, the current Booster Club hasn't even began to experience the fun parts because they have been so busy trying to do the work! With more people we get to finish the work quick and then move on to the fun stuff!!!! And believe me, there is LOTS of fun stuff to be done!

We certainly hope that you are in favor of the restructure and You all have a voice and we want to hear it. You can either come to the meeting on March 22 at 7pm in the Study Hall, or you can email your feedback whether that be good or bad to me or your sports rep!
You do NOT have to be a Booster Member to attend this meeting! Show up so that you can hear from the coaches themselves! ALL the coaches are for this, and WANT their own Booster Clubs. The BC is set in place to support the coaches and athletes, so by
My email is jlbmann4@sbcglobal.net, I will be sure that the feedback gets to Josh. You are also welcome to leave comments on my blog!

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