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August 31-- Hendrickson (WIN 50-23)
September 7 @Cedar Ridge
September 14 @ Hays
September 21-- Del Valle
September 28-- Dripping Springs
October 5 @ Leander
October 12-- Marble Falls
October 19 @ Cedar Park
November 2-- Vandegrift
November 9 @ Vista Ridge

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Killeen Harker Heights and Rouse Raider Scrimmage

I really can not put into words how to explain the great mood Josh came home in last night. Pumped, Excited, Nervous, Bewildered,Giddy would all be good words.

Yesterday's scrimmage against HH was great. I, unfortunately had to work and couldn't come, but from what I was texted by parents and the phone call I got from Josh made me very upset that i didn't go because apparently, either Harker was holding back, or we were just that good. Am I suggesting that we are a definite contender for the playoff's? No- not yet. But we did very, very well against a VERY good team who has playoff experience and is a full 4 year established school.

Harker Heights has major talent and speed, Josh said they looked like Rockdale on Steroids!
I am happy that Josh picked them to scrimmage and that they agreed to it because let me tell you- Killeen is a ROUGH town and they have rough players and HH isn't even the school with the roughest of the rough. They are a military town. And those boys have been in some games. And it showed apparently because according to the coaches, they played and smack-talked which was something our boys have never really experienced before- at least not to the caliber that they did yesterday.

BUT that is what makes football fun and what gets the players fired up! You cant be a wimp in football and you have to smack talk back! There was pushing and shoving and our boys handled it like true football players....:)

All and all, we have mistakes that need to be corrected, but we hung with Harker Heights, so I BELIEVE we can hang with any team. Lake T will be tough, but we can definitely hang with the rest:)

Friday Night Football Fever isn't so believing:) But it was pretty cool to see us and hear then talk about us on the TV! Its finally here- REAL FOOTBALL!!!!

Coming Up NEXT:
Rouse Raider and Liberty Hill Panther Preview


Anonymous said...

Yeah....Friday Night Football Fever didn't show us much love. I think many people are underestimating our boys. What we may lack playing against seniors who might be bigger, faster, and stronger, we make up for in heart and determination!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome scrimmage !

We believe - Go Rouse Raiders !