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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Raiders have a Guardian Angel, his name is Vernon Lee Mann

This afternoon is a sad day in The Mann household. Josh's Grandfather peacefully passed away in Amarillo, Texas.

Pop was an amazing man, so much fun. He NEVER once missed one of Josh's games growing up. He watched every little league, every high school and every college game that Josh played in.
When Josh got his first job as a Coach back at Wichita Falls High School, Pop was right there sitting in the stands watching him Coach. Pop had a stroke in December of 2004, and after that his visits were more limited. HOWEVER, Pop still didn't miss a game! He listened to EVERY Cedar Park game on the computer and then was sure to call me DURING the games. One time during the Pflugerville versus Cedar Park game in 2006, I pulled out my cell phone to call Dorothy and I had 17 missed calls- 16 of them were from Pop, the other was my Grandpa! ha

And he called me EVERY Friday morning too, wanting to know "What that coach thought the game was gonna go like" and then like clockwork as the game was over and I was headed to the field house, I would get my call. When we won, it was a great conversation, when we lost, I was having to give HIM a pep talk! He coached just as much as Josh did! ha. On Monday's he would want to know what we were going to need to do to get ready for the next opponent.
It was Pop that actually started getting ME excited about the upcoming season. In the middle of the summer, he would call me weekly and give me the weekly countdown till the first game. When it was about 30 days out, I knew to start making signs for the games:)

Pop was Josh's biggest cheerleader. He LOVED Football and he loved each and every one of his Grandkids and Great-Grandkids. He was an ex-Marine that served in WWII and he was also a fireman in Panhandle

Pop was married to Josh's Grandmother for 64 years. They were one of the sweetest couples I have ever seen!! He loved her with every bit of his heart and I have no doubt that he will be with her everyday.

Josh went to visit him at the beginning of June and Pop told him that when Josh wins a State Championship that he wanted Josh to look up into the sky and say "That's for you Pop".... I pray that one day we get to say that to him:)

Here are pictures of Pop with us at the very last game that Pop was able to attend. He has front row seats (sideline) and he absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. We are so thankful that he was able to come see 2 Raider games.

I am going to miss my Football Season phone calls, but I am so glad that he will be in Heaven watching down on us playing under the Friday Night Lights. I am sure in Josh's mind, each game will be dedicated to Pop.

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May God bless the Mann family during this time.

Sounds like we lost a great Mann on earth that will now be a great Angel in Heaven.

Go Raiders!!